About Us

About Company

VI is an independent calibration laboratory established in the year 1996 and committed to provide highest standards of calibration services to customers. It is our intention to calibrate instruments to the highest possible accuracies,fastest time and at a competitive price

VI is accredited by NABL as per ISO-IEC 17025:2017 with Wide Certificate Number CC-2473 and is equipped with latest calibration facilities. All instruments are calibrated using the highest quality standards and procedures, meeting or exceeding ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

The measurement need you're having today has challenged us before. Working to your advantage is the knowledge and experience we've gained serving over 3000 customers. VI continues to introduce new and more efficient methods to provide calibration services. Our calibration experience, and accurate calibrations,increases your reliability.

We undertake calibration services at both on-site as well as in-house in the following industrial sectors.

  1. Mechanical / dimensional instruments
  2. Electro technical instruments
  3. Thermal Instruments

The details of scope of calibration services are provided in the certificate of accreditation alailable in Certification tab.

We also undertake sales and service support for all types of measuring and test equipments. Our dedicated team ensures that all necessary quality requirements are met while providing sales and service support. Our marketing and technical personnel are glad to provide service for your aforesaid needs and we request you yo please feel free to contact them at any point of time.

Our valued client include the industry majors from Govt. sectors,Pharmaceutical, Defense,Food, Automotive, Engineering, R & D Cemtres. Processing Industries, Hospitals, Textile, Hotels etc.

Reasons to Choose VI

Quality, Traceablity, Accrediation

VI 's quality systems are NABL compliant, and we have earned the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve. Our documented, externally audited and internally monitored quality management systems exceed ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

Extensive Calibration Capabilities

VI provides accredited calibrations for a broad array of disciplines and instruments. This calibration expertise reduces the number of vendors required to meet your needs and simplifies purchasing and vendor maintenance for your company. With a single source for your calibration needs, you can acquire services quicker and easier.

Calibration for Reference Standards

VI is one of a select few commercial calibration operations qualified to be as a Reference Laboratory in the disciplines of Temperature, Electro Technical, Pressure and Dimensional. Trust VI to calibrate your standards, tool

Flexible Service Options

We offer a choice of services: pick-up and delivery, service at your site, or shipping to and from our labs.Our flexibility in service delivery means greater efficiency and less disruption to your business and processes.

Industry Recognized Calibration Experts

Calibration across a board array of disciplines and instruments requires deep knowledge, expertise and experience, and VI's calibration leaders are well-known throughout the industry as leading authorities. This knowledgeable team of experts ensures that you receive consistent, quality calibrations.

Calibration for New Product Purchases

Why waste time sending your new instrument out for calibration after it arrives? VI can provide accredited calibration for most of the products we sell, before they leave the warehouse. Your new instrument is ready to meet quality standards as soon as you receive it.

Instrument Repair

Our broad range of repair services saves you the time and inconvenience of sending your test and measurement equipment to multiple OEMs. And we can provide calibration for your repaired instrument, too.Convenient, cost effective, and speed.